Thrifty Thursday


I went to some garage sales this past Saturday for the first time in forever. My first stop was one close to my house that promised lots of Vintage stuff. It started yesterday, so I was expecting most of the cool stuff to be gone. When I pulled up there was an AMAZING Danish modern china cabinet type thing that REALLY wanted to go home with me. If it wasn’t for the $100 price tag it probably would have. But I did find a really neat seat and velvet Christmas valance (at least I think thats what it is) for $1. I plan to turn it into an apron. 

My next stop was a church rummage sale that was just up the street. I was super excited when I found a bag of FOURTEEN zippers for $2, most of which (as you can see) are still in there original packaging. I was about to just pay for those and go when I heard a lady say “This cookie cutter is in the shape of Texas.” Cookie cutters you say? So I started to dig through the box. I came across some of the old school type cookie cutters that my mom has. This past Christmas she gave me a few, but kept the best ones for herself. Thankfully I was able to pick up 4 of the ones I was missing for just $1.













Since I was out anyway, I decided to run into the Goodwill by my house. This is where I found the insanely bright Isaac Mizrahi dress (from Target) for just $6. I know its a little crazy, but I love it. I know its been dry cleaned (the tag was still on it) but I’d be shocked if this dress was worn more than once. It’ll be fun to wear to work and to a baby shower that will probably be in the late summer/early fall. I have a cute little orange shrug that will go perfectly with it. 

So for a mere $10 I got an Isaac Mizrahi dress, a Christmas valance, 14 zippers, and 4 cookie cutter. I’m quite happy with my finds this week!


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