I feel like a grown up now!

2 years ago I decided to finally upgrade to an Android phone. I wanted what the Androids had to offer, but I also wanted an actual keyboard and I didn’t want to pay $500. I ended up with the Samsung Intercept.

At first I loved it… until right before Christmas when I dropped it in a glass. A glass that had about 1/2 an inch of liquid in it. I did everything you were supposed to do to dry it out, but it didn’t matter. I ended up having to buy a new one off Ebay a couple of weeks later (thank goodness for the phone a friend lent me in the mean time). But other than that I loved my phone for the whole first year I had it. Then it seemed around day 366 it started acting up. Apps took forever to load, it wouldn’t let me answer calls, I couldn’t access Facebook. Pretty much all the reasons I got the phone in the first place were now invalid. I wanted to scream. I spent the last year going crazy! A couple of times I ended up throwing the phone across the room (or car). The night my director at work had a heartattack my phone wouldn’t let me answer the call. So as you can imagine I was anxiously counting down the days until May 1st when I could upgrade my phone.

May 1st was a glorious day! Not only was I able to order my new phone, it was also my best friend’s first anniversary. A couple of weeks back when I saw her and her husband for Easter I asked him what phone I should get. Without even thinking about it he said “The Samsung Galaxy 2s.” Okay then. I looked it up online and it got TONS of great reviews. So first thing in the morning on May 1st I ordered it online.

I ordered the white one cause I thought it was cooler than the black one. Sprint’s website said it would take 2-5 business days to get my phone. Okay, that means I should hopefully have it by the weekend and I was okay with that. So imagine my surprise when I got up the next day and found an email telling me that my phone had shipped AND it would be there by the end of the day. Yup, I got my phone less than 36 hours after I ordered it. SCORE!

When the lovely UPS man finally dropped off my phone I was super excited. I immediately put it on the charger. I knew if I stayed at home I would keep checking to see if it was done charging. So I went to the grocery store, made some dinner, and watched some TV. When my phone was done charging I was in the middle of watching Glee (did anyone else think this week’s episode was super depressing and sad?). I tried to activate my phone AND watch Glee, but it just wasn’t working out. I finally had to pause Glee and just focus on the phone. I activated my phone online, but then when I turned it on it had to do some more magic. It didn’t want to do it at first and I got a little frustrated, but eventually it did its thing and I was up and running.

Thankfully before I even ordered the phone I exported all of my contacts to my mini SD card. Last time, when I killed my phone, I had to manually enter all of the contacts into my new phone. I had NO intention of doing that again. So I was very happy when I just put in the memory card and imported all my contacts.

Once the phone was up and running I turned Glee back on and downloaded Apps during commercials. Of course the first one I had to download was Instagram. I was over being the only loser I knew that wasn’t using Instagram. The first picture I took/posted was of my dog. Tee hee. Laura called her an Instadog. I couldn’t stop giggling about that one.

I also downloaded a bunch of other Apps I had on my previous phone… Facebook, Foursquare, MyDays, Dropbox, Jewels, and the mobile apps for my bank/credit cards. After about 20 minutes I was all set with the Apps that I KNEW I wanted on my phone.

I was SO impressed with how speedy this phone is! I could actually get on Facebook. Checking in on Foursquare didn’t take 5 minutes. And my Gmail actually refreshed and told me I had new mail. Can you believe that? My phone was actually doing what it was supposed to! I was in heaven. Now all I need is the cover I ordered for it (gotta protect this thing) that should be here by Monday.

One of the BIGGEST difference I noted was the size. I put my old phone and my new phone side by side and I was shocked at the size difference. I always thought my phone was a relatively nice size. Not anymore!












I mean look at that! Its craziness! I don’t know how I lived without all that screen before now 😉

So there way go. I upgraded my phone and so far I’m loving it. I feel like a grown-up now!

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