Thank you goes a long way

It has been a very frustrating week all around this week. I’ve been counting down the hours, even minutes, until this week is over and I can run away to my mom’s for the weekend. Here at work today I had one last thing to do, show the “Friday Flick.” We usually show it in the “living room” but because we expected a large turn out we had to do it in the ballroom. I set out 30 chairs, set up the projector, and waited for people to arrive. Unfortunately the first people I interacted with were demanding and didn’t even say thank you. Granted that happens a lot in my job, but today it bothered me more than usual. For the most part all of the people I see during my work day are wonderful but sometimes the few bad eggs just really get to me.

In order to calm myself down, I went over and talked to some of my favorite ladies for a few minutes. On the way back to my office a lady who comes in about once a week showed up for the movie. I waved and said hello but kept going to my office. A few minutes later she comes in and hands me an envelope and says “this is for you.” I open it and its a thank you card and a Cadbury chocolate bar. Inside it read “Thank you for all you do!” and a hand written note that said “You are always so very very very nice!” I burst into tears. It was such a small gesture, but it came at just the right time. It made my heart so happy that she had taken the time to thank me for what I do. I don’t expect people to thank me all the time for what I do (as it is my job), but it is SO nice when someone takes a minute to do so.


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