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So I feel like I should actually put a little something in here about myself so you have a clue why I’m writing this. My name is Meghan and I’m 42 years old (how in the hell did that happen?).

This blog is about my journey. Moving on, moving (all around Orlando and finally into my new home), running, traveling, and all the things that make up this crazy life of mine.

You can always reach me at meghan @ meghanonthemove dot com 🙂

Meghan On The Move










  1. KelsieLou says:

    Hi Meghan,
    I love the concept and content of your blog. I landed here after a Jost Running medal image search. When I saw the blog name I was expecting someone who is married and is merry. Major props to you for being better and not bitter after the divorce. I can relate. 🙂

  2. Kathy M says:

    What a great blog Meg. So happy for you I know you are creative, smart and driven, not to mention beautiful. I know whatever you do you will successful, happy to hear you are happy. Love you K.

  3. Tamsyn says:

    Hi Meghan! I found your blog through Sweat Pink and am really excited to read more.It sounds like you’ve had a few tough years but are now coming out of the other side and moving on. Here’s looking to a great year in 2016 🙂

  4. Maren says:

    Hi Meghan! Found your site through BlogHer16 – can’t tell you how much I relate to your about page. Thank you for sharing your story – it gives me hope 🙂

  5. Gigi Jung says:

    Hi Meghan! I actually came across your blog by accident! I was actually on my way to start a blog and wanted some kind of alliteration to my name about crafting (pls help if you have any ideas!) and just for kicks, I decided to punch in “gigi goes gluten free” in the URL search bar. (aside from my love for crafting, I recently discovered that I am allergic gluten) and out of curiosity, wondered if Gigi goes gluten free could be a blog name and maybe I want to share gluten free recipes instead of creating a crafting blog! ahah but any who… I came across your Gigi’s cupcake post and decided to read up on who you are. I’m so inspired by you and just wanted to drop in and say hi in the comments here! 🙂

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