The 2013 Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak – Holiday Edition

What is the 2013 Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak?

“Stay fit and motivated during the busy (and calorie-filled) holiday season by pledging to run at least one mile every day, Thanksgiving through New Year’s.”


I’m not the only one who tends to fill their plate with more sweets than anything else during the holidays am I? I tell people that I run so I can eat and that is REALLY true during the holidays. It seems like around every corner is a tray of cookies, or some candy, or ANOTHER holiday party. I can’t start the new year with pants that don’t fit!

Since I have a 1/2 marathon in 3 weeks (eek!) and 3 more scheduled for the first few months of 2014, I REALLY need to get back on track. I tried this running streak thing over the summer and I just let everyday life get in the way. There really is NO reason that you can’t carve 12-15 minutes out of your day to run a mile. So I’m gonna try it again this year and see how it goes. Even if I don’t run every day, it should still help me get a little further than I might on my own. I’m hoping that the cooler weather will help as well. I’m not stuck running on a treadmill or in the 95 degree heat.

So here’s to 34 miles in 34 days (plus 13.1 more miles on December 7th)!

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