Online dating is for the birds

I haven’t talked much about my dating life on here recently. Mainly because it has stunk!

In March I decided to give the online dating thing another go. didn’t really work out for me (aka I didn’t get even one date out of it over 6 months), so I thought I would try out the one free site again and see what happens. Ya know that old saying “you get what you pay for?” Well, I think that applies here. Let me tell you about the 4 guys I’ve met up with over the last 7 months. Yes, only 4 in 7 months. And that included my 3 months stint on EHarmony that ended about a week ago.

Guy #1 – He seemed perfect. Went to college, good job, had a house, no ex-wife/kids, and liked his family. We emailed and texted for a week and a half before finally going on our first date. The date was amazing! We met up for drinks, which turned into dinner, and led to after dinner drinks. 6+ hours later he walked me to my car, surprised me with an AMAZING kiss and sent me on my way. Wow. I was kind of surprised to have had such a great experience and met such a great guy. Or so I thought.

It was taking us awhile to get things lined up for date #2, but I wasn’t overly concerned. He has a job with a screwy schedule and he lived an hour away, so it wasn’t all that easy. Weekend before date #2 was supposed to happen he was with his dad (at least that’s what he told me) so I didn’t expect to hear from him, but I wasn’t worried. Then the night before a friend of mine (who was also trying out the dating site) emailed me…. the guy from my date had messaged her. Okay, it was only one date and we had just met. She explained to him that even though he seemed like a nice guy that she was friends with me and was not interested in going on a date with him. But he continued to pursue her. She explained AGAIN that we were friends and she wasn’t interested in being more than just friends. He responded and said something along the lines of ‘you wouldn’t be on here if you just wanted to just be friends. Stop playing games. Plus, its not like she is my girlfriend.’ Wow.

I waited until I finally heard from him later that night and told him that I knew what had happened with my friend. That I knew I wasn’t his girlfriend (it was one freaking date dude!). And that I wasn’t interested in seeing him again. His response? “That’s fine. I wasn’t really into anyway. Obviously.” Wow. What a jerk.

Guy #2 – We talked for about 2 weeks (on the phone and email) before our first date. He was actually moving to Orlando for a job. Again… went to college, had a job, no ex-wife or kids. Our first date was great. 2nd date was pretty awesome too. And then I didn’t hear anything again. No ‘sorry I’m not feeling it.’ Or ‘I met someone else.’ Or “Guess what, I’m gay.” Sigh. Is it really that hard?

Guy #3 – Third times a charm right? College, job, house, no ex-wife or kids. We had what I thought was a nice first date. But then nothing. Again.

Guy #4 – We had a nice enough time, but I could tell not too far into it that there wouldn’t be another date so I wasn’t surprised when he didn’t call again. But he still should have been man enough and polite enough to say so.

I guess my biggest thing is not understanding why its so hard to send an email that says “Thanks for a nice time, but I don’t see us being a good fit.” I mean its online dating for crying out loud, it shouldn’t be that hard to send one more email. I’m okay with every date not being perfect or leading to date #2, I just wish that people were more polite. I mean what happened to manners? geesh.

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