Oops, I did it again!

Cooked dinner that is!

I’ve been trying to save some money this week because I’m going out this weekend for a friend’s birthday and can use a little extra cash. So when I was at the store the other day I decided to get a couple things to turn what I had in my fridge into actual meals. I was already getting avocados for guac and lettuce for salad, so I decided to get some tortillas and make some tacos (I all ready had chicken at home). So Thursday night I made some chicken tacos with avocado and lettuce (I even left off the cheese) with some fresh guac and chips on the side. It was quite tasty!

I texted my mom to tell her about my cooking adventure and she was quite proud. I then told her about how I was thinking about making meatloaf this weekend (I’ve been having CRAZY meatloaf cravings lately, WTH?) and she said “Wow, now you are scaring me!” I couldn’t help but laugh.

So who knows, maybe on Monday there will be a post about how I made meatloaf over the weekend. I all ready have some make ahead mashed potatoes (more on those later) in the freezer and some steamer bag veggies, so I just need some meat for the actual meatloaf. Man, I’m getting hungry just writing about the meatloaf.

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