One More Step Toward Being a Happy Meghan

As I mentioned recently I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time, so a variety of reasons. But there is one part of my life that I’m not super happy with – the health and fitness piece. I’ve been very busy over the last 6-9 months and it has affected my workout/running and eating schedule. I’ve had a LOT of fun, but I’ve also found some of the weight I lost during my divorce. Clothes don’t fit exactly how I’d like and I’m not always 100% happy when I look in the mirror. So I’m going to make a change!

Do I want to lose weight? Of course I do. But my main goal is to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle. I want to run more, I want to eat better, I want to get enough sleep, and I want to add that happiness factor. I know that I’m a happier Meghan when running is a regular part of my routine, so that should be a no brainer. Run more = Happier Meghan. Done!

I love to eat, plain and simple. But that doesn’t mean I need to eat everything in sight or always pick the “bad” options right? While I was in NYC last week I learned some great tips from Marcey Rader that I plan on incorporating into my daily life as well as my travel life. Simple changes can go a long way!

One More Step Toward Being a Happy Meghan

To get things started off right I’ve already got this week’s schedule planned out. I made a trip to the grocery store on Sunday to get some healthy foods to fill the fridge. If I have the healthy options around I WILL eat them. Most of the time my poor food choices are due to lack of options in my house. I also have a delivery coming on Friday from Blue Apron, so that will cover me for a few meals next week.

Last night I went on a run around my neighborhood, Saturday I’m participating in the Great Strides Walk 5k with my co-workers, and I’m doing the Lake Mineola 5k on Sunday. Originally I was scheduled to do the Lake Mineola Half but with my crazy schedule lately I’m just not up for it.

I decided to give myself a goal, that I’m not actually going to share, and a reward to go along with it. I haven’t set a time frame because I want this to be more about a lifestyle change than a number. But when I do reach my goal, I’m going to splurge and get this for myself for the summer. Isn’t it just the cutest?

One More Step Toward Being a Happy Meghan

I’m built more for vintage style clothes and swimsuits AND its got flamingos on it – how could I NOT reward myself with this swimsuit? It’s more than I would normally pay for a swimsuit so I want to make sure that I’m happy with how I look and feel before I spend the money on it.

So there you have it! I hope to share more about my journey over the next few months. More posts about running, yoga, working out, eating healthy, and (hopefully) cooking. Bring on the flamingo swimsuit!

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