June Photo A Day

Every December I do a photo a day project. I take a photo everyday in December and then make a mini album of all the pictures at the end of the month. It is always a fun way to document the end of the year and all the fun stuff that goes on around the holidays.

Well someone started doing this thing where they came up with Photo A Day prompts for each day of each month. Sort of a jumping off point to make Photo A Day a little bit easier. I tried to do in March and just lost steam after awhile, so I decided to try again with June.

So far so good! I’ve gotten through the first week and not missed any photos. I almost forgot my “drink” photo for yesterday. I knew I was going to take a picture of the bottle of orange Fanta I picked up (I love that stuff!), but then it just slipped my mind. I was actually in bed when I remembered and got out to take a picture.

Each day I take and post the photos to Instagram and then share them on Facebook. On Facebook I put them all into the “June 2012” photo album. It has been fun so far and a handful of friends are playing along as well. On Instagram you can tag the photos with #photoadayjune and they all end up showing up in one place. I still don’t totally understand the whole hashtag thing, but at least now I know what it does as far as Instagram goes. One step at a time right?

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