I am NOT the operator!

I rarely complain/talk about my job on here (for numerous reasons). For the most part I really like my job and appreciate that during this screwy economy that I even have a full time job. But this week… I’ve just reached the end of my rope it seems.

I deal with an older population at my job. I am the only employee here everyday. That is about all I can safely say 🙂

But lately the phone calls I have been getting have been driving me up the wall…

Like the woman who called 3 times in a span of 30 minutes, asking me questions about something that I told her when she first called I couldn’t answer. But she just kept calling back. And then was frustrated when she realized that she needed to call the folks back that she was just on the phone with. Well if you had listened to what I said the first time.

Or the lady that calls about every 3 weeks, who has called twice this week, asking me questions about the trips that are offered. Trips that are offered through an outside tour company. Trips that I cannot answer questions about. The lady who EVERY time she calls I tell her she needs to call the tour company, but she keeps calling back. The lady who wants me to read off every trip on the list that she may be able to afford. Please call the tour company!

Or the folks that call here to ask for a number for somewhere else. I AM NOT THE OPERATOR!

Or the people that call for directions and ask which way to turn on our road (well that depends on where you are coming from).  Or ask which side of the road we are on (well that depends on which direction you are coming from). Or say that even though it is nice that we put out FOUR extra signs directing people to our parking lots, they complain that their isn’t one directing them to the front door.

Or the calls where I answer the phone and say “Thank you for calling <insert business name here>, this is Meghan. How can I help you?” And then they ask me questions like they have called somewhere else. It is especially irritating when its say… the lady that called three times in a row. And I answered the phone the same way each time… but she still didn’t realize where she had called. Where did you even get my number in the first place?!

I hate to complain because I am sympathetic to the older population. I know that sometimes they get confused, or don’t have anyone else to ask. I understand that things aren’t always that easy for them. I deal with these folks on a regular basis and for the most part I deal with it just fine. Most people are surprised to find out that I even get upset about things when I’m at work because I stay so calm and happy all the time. My boss even told me the other day that when I get frustrated about stuff I actually end up being NICER and HAPPIER to people around me. Lol. At least I’m good at hiding my frustrations right? It probably has a lot to do with how I vent to my bestie throughout the day. Thank God for IM.

Okay, I think I’m done. I just REALLY needed to get that out so that I can calm down and get on with my day. It IS Friday after all 🙂

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