Friday Five: Pumpkin Crafts

It wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins right? So I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite pumpkin crafts (Including one that I made and shared last year).

1. Pumpkin Totem Pole

I always see the faux foam pumpkins when I’m in the craft stores this time of year. And I always end up with a few after Halloween because they are just too cheap to pass up. When I saw this I knew it was the perfect thing to do with those extra pumpkins.

Instead of using paint and ribbon you could actually carve the faces if you wanted. If you went that route you could cut a whole in the back of each and light them up with the battery operated tea candles. How cute would that be?

Pumpkin Totem Pole

2. Felt Pumpkin Wreath

I was recently in the craft store standing in line behind some girls that were going to make some fall wreaths like this. They were buying a TON of the little felt squares for the project. It took everything I had not to stop them in mid-purchase and tell them it would be cheaper to buy it by the yard. If you just need a little of another color, the squares might be the way to go (especially if they are on sale). but if you are going to do all one color, definitely purchase it by the yard.

If you wanted, you could even add some of the glitter spider rings from my Kids Crafts Friday Five post to your wreath to give it a little bit more sparkle.

3. Jack-o-Lantern Candy Bowl

Once again Martha has come up with a super creative idea to display your candy for the trick-or-treaters. What I love best is how she put a jar topped with crepe paper inside to hold the candy and then wrapped it in little white lights. How smart is that? You don’t have to worry about candles and the lights stay cool enough not to melt your candy.

If you wanted to make a version of this that you could use year after year, you could use one of the faux pumpkins and just cut your design all the way threw. To change it up for the next year you would paint it black or add a design to your existing orange pumpkin. Either way it will get you a little more bang for your buck!


4. Halloween Hot Air Balloons

Last year my mom found these really neat Halloween Hot Air Balloons on Pinterest and I was not surprised when she suggested that I come over and we make a couple. I’m always shocked at how we both start out following the same idea and then end up with completely different things in the end.

Halloween Hot Air Balloons

5. Pumpkin Bundt Cake Wreath

This craft project combines two of my favorite things – baking and Halloween! I love that you can pick up a bundt pan from a thrift store and make this on the cheap. If you happen to have an older pan that is already orange, you could just make sure when you attach everything that its removable and it can go back to being a cake pan after Halloween.

Next week on Friday Five we will tackle my most favorite part of Halloween (or any holiday) – Desserts!


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