From P2P: I feel like I’m being watched!

It seems I have turned my mother into a Pinterest addict. At first when I told her about Pinterest she wasn’t that interested. She wasn’t actively working on any projects so she didn’t see a need for it. Then she decided to make some glitter Putz houses and that was the end of it. Next thing I know she’s pinning away tons of Christmas and Halloween ideas. The best thing about my mom is she’s probably DONE more things she’s pinned in the last 2 months than I have in the last two years.

One of the things she pinned for Halloween was this Eyeballs in a Tree post. She has a neighbor that goes to great lengths to keep this tree in his front yard perfectly trimmed and shaped. She thought it would be hysterical to put some of these eyeballs in his tree while he was out of town. Well once she told her neighbors about it they ALL wanted a pair of eyeballs for their own trees. So the last time I was visiting my mom we made 5 sets of eyeballs for her neighborhood.

You only need a few supplies to get started:

White Beach Balls – we used 11″ beach balls that we ordered online

Black sharpie marker – thin and thick

Bowl – to trace for the pupil

Bottle or glass – to trace for the pupil

From P2P: Eyeballs in the Tree

And it is only a few steps to go from beach ball to eyeball!

1. Blow up your beach balls. Get them as full as you can as it makes them easier to draw on.

2. Trace your bowl to make the outside edge of the pupil. Trace the bottle or glass for the smaller circle in the pupil.

From P2P: Eyeballs in the Tree

3. Color in the pupil. We used some thick black sharpies we already had and were able to color 10 eyeballs and the marker still hadn’t run out.

From P2P: Eyeballs in the Tree

4. Tie your eyeballs together with fishing line. This will make getting them in the tree easier.

5. Put them in the tree! We used a bungie cord to hold them in place.

Ta-da!! Aren’t they awesome? And they were SO easy to make.

My mom plans to put the eyeballs in her neighbors tree right before he gets back from vacation. All the neighbors are making bets on how long it will take him to notice them.


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