Did you see me in your email today?

Why yes, that WAS my goofy mug you saw in your email this morning!

If you aren’t on the Best Damn Race email list then you need to get your act together. This morning’s email wasn’t just about making everyone look at me making a fool of myself during Best Damn Race Safety Harbor. It was sharing that thanks to Make Yes Happen EVERYONE that signs up for Best Damn Race will get FREE race photos. You read that right, FREE RACE PHOTOS PEOPLE!

So what does this mean for you? Well if you are all ready registered for any of the BDR races then you will be getting your pictures for free. If you AREN’T registered for BDR, then you need to head on over to their website and use code MEGROTH to get $5 off your registration and snag yourself some of those free photos.

BDR card


So who am I going to see at Best Damn Race? I am going to be at all four, so I hope to see some of you out there!


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