6 goals in 6 weeks – Week 5 #6in6

Many people say they like this blog because I’m honest. When things aren’t going well with running I share it. If a recipe doesn’t turn out perfect like I had hoped I share it. But when I started writing this post I really wanted to lie. I wanted to make my response to each of my 6 goals positive and make it look like I had a great week. But then I remembered a chat I had with a friend on Friday about how I was “a regular girl that happened to be a runner” and how I don’t sugar coat things. Sigh. So that means being completely honest with you all right? Here goes…

6 goals in 6 weeks #6in6

1. Read 6 books – I’ve still only finished 2. I’ve carried book #3 around with me all week and just didn’t get around to reading it.

2. Complete 6 week 1/2 marathon training plan – What in the world made me think that I could maintain a 6 week training program? I’ve never been able to do it before, so why should this time be any different? I’m not trying to be Debbie Downer here, just admitting that I KNOW myself.  I only ran 2 times this week. I was supposed to run 8 miles yesterday and after being at the Gator game the day before and not getting home until almost 1:30 am it just wasn’t looking good. But I set my alarm and went to bed. Unfortunately all the walking and the 4+ hours of sitting on metal bleachers caught up with me by morning. I rolled over to snooze the alarm and almost cried out. Damn it.


This is where the internal battle started. I knew that I really needed to get up and run but I also didn’t want to injure myself a week before a 1/2 marathon. I got mad and told myself just to get out there but then started to think about how awful I’d feel if 2 miles in I had to call it quits. Finally I decided that staying home really was the best plan. My brain and my back were telling me that I needed some more sleep and I decided to listen to them. I have shorter runs scheduled for this week and I’ll definitely be doing them, it just wasn’t happening yesterday.

3. Only eat out twice a week – I actually only ate out 3 times, so I guess that isn’t TOO bad.

4. Lose 6 pounds – Still holding at 3 pounds down!

5. Only consume dairy once a week – Amazingly enough I only had dairy once this week!

6. Call my grandma every week – I did talk to my grandma this week and I sent her a get well card

So there ya have it. This week was not a good one, but I still did accomplish 4 of my 6 goals. I can’t believe that I’m starting week #6 this week. Its a busy week between work, personal obligations, and a 1/2 marathon – but I plan to make the most of it.

How did you do with your personal goals this past week?

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