Dairy Free August

I know what you are thinking. WTH Meghan?! How am I, the lover of all things cheese, going to go dairy free in August? Well, it isn’t going to be easy.

I started thinking about it earlier this week and realized that the majority of things that I eat that include dairy are NOT good for me. If I cut out the dairy it would be good for 3 reasons – 1) less junk/bad food, 2) it would force me to eat better in place of the dairy filled foods, and 3) I’ve noticed that dairy makes me more congested – so maybe that would stop.

I talked this over with my bestie and we both agreed that going cold turkey would not be a good plan at all. So here is the plan that I’m going to follow for August:

  • Only 2 meals that include dairy per week – Originally I was going to go for 1 (Taco Tuesdays man, I can’t give that up), but then Laura reminded me that it might be a bit too much if that was the ONLY dairy. So two meals a week can include dairy of some sort. And “meal” is a very loose term. If I decide to roll through the McDonald’s drive through on my way home to get an ice cream cone, that would count as one “meal” with dairy for the week.
  • I will continue to eat greek yogurt – greek yogurt with fruit and granola is my go-to lunch at work during the week. I have to stay here at work (I can’t really go out unless I plan FAR ahead), so I need something quick and easy. And of course, without fail, every time I try to eat lunch the phone starts ringing/people show up/people come to my office. So yogurt is easy and I can leave it and get up in the middle if need be. Plus, its actually good for me. So the good diary gets to stay.

So yeah, Dairy Free August for me. My blog buddy Haley over at Running with Diapers has decided to play along this month. Anyone else wanna play along? I’d love to share this fun (ha ha ha) journey with someone. Anyone?

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