Dairy Free August – Day 1

So yesterday was the first day of Dairy Free August and I think it went pretty well. I thought I’d break the day down to show what I ate and where I ran into (or avoided) problems.


I almost skipped breakfast, but then lucked out when I got back from my staff meeting and the mens cooking group was making BREAKFAST. Woo hoo. I had some scrambled eggs (I don’t count eggs as dairy in this experiment) with onions & 2 sausage links. It was just enough to hold me over until lunch.


Lunch today was part of a Lunch & Learn meeting that my boss made our whole department attend. I knew that there was a turkey sandwich waiting for me, but that was all I knew. We arrived and lunch was actually 6″ Subway subs. All the sandwiches had meat and cheese but the veggies were on the side. I grabbed a turkey and cheese sandwich along with some tomatoes and cucumbers. When I sat down I immediately pulled the cheese off the sandwich (go me) and loaded on my veggies. It was VERY hard not to eat the cheese since it was just hanging out on my plate starring at me (I couldn’t find the trash to get rid of it). But I was a good Meghan and didn’t eat the cheese. Woo hoo!


My afternoon snack ended up being 2 small chocolate chip cookies that I had left over from yesterday.


I actually cooked dinner!!


I’m a baker, but I’ve never really been much of a cooker. It drives my mom NUTS that I don’t cook because I grew up in a house where my mom ALWAYS cooked. Sorry ma. But tonight, I cooked.

I cheated a little (with the cooking, not the dairy) but I think that is to be expected. Ya gotta start somewhere right? I took a package of teriyaki noodles and cooked those up. Then I cooked two pieces of chicken and some broccoli. When the noodles were done I chopped up the chicken and added it and the broccoli to them. Ta-da!


Kinda looks good huh? It was very tasty and there is enough left over for me to take for lunch tomorrow. Score!

One thing I’ve noticed today is that during the summer my brain tends to think FROZEN TREATS when I’m looking for a snack. But no dairy means no stopping at McDonald’s on the way home for a 49 cent ice cream cone. How am I going to survive all month without ice cream?! I mean I know I could use ice cream as one of my ‘2 meals that include dairy’ each week, but that probably won’t happen since I want to save those for things like pizza or mac-n-cheese. So I need to go to the store and pick up some frozen fruit bars or something. That way I can get past the OH MY GAWD I WANT SOME ICE CREAM stage without chasing down the neighborhood ice cream truck.

So yeah, it seems as though I made it through day one pretty well. Now we just have to see how the other 30 days of this month go 🙂

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