13 on the 13th

1. Book:  Currently reading What the night knows by Dean Koontz. It is freaking me out.

2. Secret: I have flannel sock monkey pajamas that I LOVE!

3. True confession:  Today would have been my 5th wedding anniversary. I’m amazed at how quickly it got here (I guess taking almost 2 years to get divorced can do that), but I’m not even remotely upset about it. Go me!

4. I watched Friends With Benefits last night and was pleasantly surprised by the insane amount of naked butt in that movie 🙂

5. I had to go out and buy a clock today because the only clock in my living room was the digital one on my cable box that I returned last Friday. It was driving me nuts not knowing what time it was.

6. Went on a great double with the boy and R&J tonight. It was very nice spending time with the boy and two of my bestest friends.

7. I will be running my 3rd 1/2 marathon in a year 42 days from now!

8. In October 2009 I had lost 23 pounds in a very short amount of time. 2 years and 3 months later I am only 8 pounds away from being back down to that weight.

9. My favorite part about chilly nights in Florida (because overall I HATE them) is the fact that my non-snuggly dog suddenly becomes VERY snuggly.

10. Music: I’ve had a CD of my favorite Bush songs in the CD player in my car for the last year. I’ve only taken it out to listen to other things about 5 times during that year. I NEVER listen to the radio in my car anymore.

11. TV: Loving the lack of cable in 2012! Loving that I can still keep up with my favorite shows, on my schedule, with Hulu Plus.

12. Running: Haven’t been doing much this week because of Sickness 2.0. Got a 4 miler on the schedule for tomorrow that I hope I can get done. I’ll walk it if I have to.

13. Best Friday the 13th on record 🙂

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