6 goals in 6 weeks – Week 4 #6in6

I can’t believe I just finished up week 4! So how did my fourth week of 6 goals in 6 weeks go? Did I do any better? Well, it was a little hit or miss this week.

1. Less soda – I’m still sticking with 48 oz or less during the week and even less on the weekend which is great. Eventually i’d like to cut that in half again, but for now this works. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I only had 24 oz per day!

2. Exercise/Run at least 3 times per week – This week didn’t go so well with the traveling and such! I didn’t run at all 🙁 I do plan on making up for it this week though. I did case the dog around a dog park AND take her swimming in the ocean, so I did get some exercise in.

3. Lose 6 pounds -Even Steven! I haven’t lost any and I haven’t gained any. I guess that is better than nothing!

4. Go to yoga once a week – I went to yoga this week and my friend joined me again!

5. Only eat out twice a week – Ha! Again, traveling messed this up for sure.

6. Drink at least 72 oz of water a day – I drank at least 100 oz of water everyday again this week. Mom & I kept water in the car with us all weekend, so that kept my water numbers up.

I probably shouldn’t have planned my 6 goals in 6 weeks over my birthday, but life just gets in the way sometimes right? Hopefully this week I can get myself back on track. I have a lot of birthday activities planned but I’ve already made sure to add my running to the calendar too.

Bring on week #5!!

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