35 Goals for 35

Happy 35th Birthday to me!!

When I turned 30 I wasn’t freaked out at all. It really wasn’t a big deal. Most of my friends were depressed and didn’t even want to celebrate, but that wasn’t me. If I had known then just how BADLY that year would have turned out, I probably would have hidden under the bed that day and never come out. But here we are 5 years later and I’m at another milestone birthday. Today I turned 35. How in the hell did that happen?!

This milestone is a weird one for me. On one hand I am WAY better off than I was 5 years ago. But at the same time there are a lot of things I thought I’d have done by now. In order to keep myself focused on the positive I have decided to create a 35 Goals for 35 list. A list of 35 goals that I would like to complete in my 35th year. I know that I probably won’t complete them all, but it will give me a guide that will hopefully help me to make this my best year yet!

35 Goals for35

1. Run, run, and run some more!

2. 1/2 marathon in less then 2.5 hours 🙂

3. Run entire 10K without stopping

4.  Read 35 books in my 35th year

5. Take a trip! (Savannah doesn’t count)

6.  Throw an amazing dinner party, and have cooked all the food

7. Go to a concert

8. Call my grandma, or send her a card, every week

9. More DIY projects for my apartment/house – make it a home

10. Take woofer to the dog park at least once a month (more often when it cools off)

11. Better eating habits

12. Drink less than 32 oz of soda per day

13. Go to a movie by myself

14. Perform 7 random acts of kindness in 1 week

15. Take a class just for fun

16.Do yoga/pilates, even if it is at home, once a week

17. Drink 64 oz (or more) of water per day

18. Learn how to use my camera in manual mode

19. Take a road trip

20. Continue Project Life

21. Finally get my tattoo

22. Do volunteer work with the local SPCA

23. Blog at least twice per week

24. Do something “just for me” once a week

25. Move! (more of this one later)

26. Try one new recipe each month

27. Sew an item of clothing for myself

28. Complete a “A Day In The Life” post at least once per month

29. Get rid of 35 items of clothing/pairs of shoes

30. Finally get my Etsy shop REALLY up and running.

31. Finish watching the rest of TrueBlood

32. Read a “classic” novel

33. Write a letter to myself to read at age 40

34. Focus on what I have instead of what I don’t

35. Not regret a single thing!


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