Watermelon 5k

What is wrong with me? Why in the world would I sign up to run a 5k race in JULY in FLORIDA?

Hunter Vision Watermelon 5k

My friends of course! Some of my fellow Team Challenge teammates have signed up for the Watermelon 5k and talked me into it. The race is just a couple weeks before the Napa 1/2 marathon and will be a good start to the July 4th (4 days for me) holiday weekend.

I did this race back in 2011 and just about died. It is just SO hot here in Florida in July. It has all ready been up in the mid-90s and it is barely the middle of June. Thankfully this year they have moved the course and it should be a little more shady. I definitely don’t expect this to be a PR 5k for me, but at least there will be watermelon at the end 🙂

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