Top 10 Reasons “Not Running” isn’t a BFD

Found this over at Neurosis of the Stay at Home Marathoner of 3 (Kids) (who is currently sidelined from an injury) and loved it, so I thought I would share.

Top 10 Reasons “Not Running” isn’t a BFD

10 ~ Found the time, finally, to organize the music in my iTunes Library… you know how it gets… music flying all over the place, finger prints where they don’t belong, the wrong disk in the wrong case… just a freakin’. mess.

9 ~ I’m learning all kinds of new vocabulary from various sources, and practicing using it in my day to day conversations.  I’m not going to front though, it’s hard to do sometimes with a straight face.

8 ~ Getting caught up on all that pesky supplemental reading I’ve been meaning to get to… priceless.  My eye is twitching…

7 ~ Ethics papers are much easier to write when your self discipline is being tested.

6 ~ I’ve gotten in touch with my inner angry rapper …  Eminem, “…it just means so much more to so much more when you’re rappin’ and you know what for …”

5 ~ You know that movie 28 Days, where Sandra Bullock goes to Rehab and has that really steamy kiss with Viggo on the couch?  Ah, yea… I haven’t watched in a while either…

4 ~ Did I mention my really sweet RIDE?  Yea, well, it is freaking GALACTIC and I truly do love it.

3 ~ Some of my favorite people aren’t running right now, I’m thinking of forming a competitive shuffleboard team… the uniforms are going to be thebest part.  Try outs are this week.

2 ~ The BOOT is like, wicked hot. No, I mean, hot hot, not HOTT, and I’m not having to keep the heat turned up as high.  Saving money for running shoes….

1 ~ I’m experiencing NO negative side effects from the sudden drop in endorphins at all.  I’m really not sure why my husband moved to a hotel for the week, I think the IGOR like clomping from my boot was disturbing him or something….


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