Thrifty Thursday: Where to shop in Orlando!

Having a mid-century modern house means that I am always on the look our for fun mid-century modern pieces to furnish my house. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite spots around Orlando to search for those vintage items!

Thrifty Thursday: Where to shop in Orlando!

Habitat for Humanity Restore – Casselberry

Thrifty Thursday: Where to shop in Orlando!

This ReStore is the closest one to my house so I always make an effort to stop in at least once a week if possible. They recently moved to another location in the same shopping plaza – great move! The store is now much bigger and better organized.

Every time I go in there is different stuff available. They always have a lot of furniture along with all sorts of building and home improvement items. Doors, appliances, tile, bathtubs, light fixtures, paint – they have it all! One of my favorite things about this store is that they tend to get large donations of furniture from hotels and office buildings in the area. It is amazing what you can find!

Community Thrift – Edgewood

I must admit that this is a thrift store that was an accidental find. I was in the area to visit a vintage shop and as we drove by my mom said “Pull over there!” Community Thrift is pretty big and has a LOT of stuff. You have to do some digging sometimes, but there are some great items to be found. They also run sales on certain days for certain items, so that works out well.

The Sharing Center – Longwood

I have been going to The Sharing Center thrift store for a few years now and always had pleasant experiences. They recently moved to a new location (in the same shopping plaza) and it was a positive change. The “boutique” section of the store is bigger and easier to get around. The regular part of the store doesn’t seem much bigger, but it is better organized now.

The staff is always helpful and friendly! I was thinking about buying a changing table for a friend and when I contacted them about holding it, they not only took pictures of the item and emailed them to me (so I could show my friend) but also worked with her to pay for the item over the phone so I could pick it up for her. It was also on sale! A great experience and deal all around.

Goodwill – Longwood, Casselberry, and Sanford

Christmas Dinner Decorating with Goodwill

I always hit up my local goodwill stores when I’m out thrifting and I’m lucky that two of them are super close to my house. On occasion I will venture outside of my neighborhood to hit up some of the bigger Goodwill stores when I’m looking for something specific, like when I was working on my Halloween costume. If you are looking for clothes each week they have a specific color tag that is half off. I’ve found some great items here for a fraction of the cost of buying them new. Great for a party, costume, or just because you want a sparkly dress.

The Lovely Boutique

Thrifty Thursday: Where to shop in Orlando!

The Lovely isn’t a thrift store, but I had to add it to the list. It is a wonderful, beautiful, and amazing vintage shop located in Audubon Park. Any time I’m in the area I make a point to stop in to see what they have. They usually have a great selection of mid-century modern furniture and housewares that I can spend loads of time drooling over. The shop consists of multiple vendors so the stock is always changing. My favorite time of year to head in is around Christmas to check out all the vintage decorations they have. So fun!

So there you have it, a short list of some of the amazing places to check out for some vintage (or not) finds for your home at a fraction of the cost. Also keep in mind that a good chunk of thrift stores are supporting a charity, so not only are you getting some neat for yourself you are also helping out others.

Where is your favorite place to go Thrift Shopping?


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