Spring Bootie Buster Challenge

This spring I decided to participate in the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge offered by Amanda over at Run To The Finish. I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda at an event late last year and she is quite the inspiring chica. As a fellow runner I feel like she “gets it.” So when she posted about the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge I immediately handed over my $10 registration fee and signed up.

Spring Challenge Details

SBBC started Monday and runs for 7 weeks. What is it you ask? Well Amanda’s short answer is this:

7 weeks of tracking “points” for being active and eating clean, while getting non-stop support from other women who are exactly like you. Sometimes they’ll wrap you in a bear hug and other days text you at 5AM to get your a** to the gym. It’s about prizes and habits and finding the fun in healthy living.

Sounds pretty great huh? There is a Facebook group, 3 weekly emails from Amanda, and weekly workouts. I really just needed some extra motivation, coupled with some accountability, to get me back on track with my eating and exercising/running. I think $10 is a pretty fair price for help with that.

You earn a point for every 10 minutes of activity (running/yoga/swimming/classes/etc), eating 7 servings of fruits/veggies {affectionately dubbed freggies} daily, and drinking 64 oz water daily. There are points competition and even prizes to keep everyone motivated. The Facebook group is the place to share your daily successes (and the occasional failures) and get the support you need to keep moving forward.

Things have only been going for a couple days now and I’m already finding it helpful. Seeing everyone else posting about freggies or daily workouts helps on those days where I just want to plant my bootie on the couch. Instead I find myself thinking “Well, its just 10 minutes…” or “A salad would taste better anyway.”

So keep an eye out for some SBBC updates over the next 7 weeks. I’m hoping this will help me get back on track with eating and exercise along with maybe losing a couple of the pounds I’ve found recently.


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