SHEFIT Sports Bra Review

I may have more sports bras than any person with only one set of boobs should have. But it really isn’t my fault. If you combine the fact that I hadn’t found “the one” yet and the insane amounts of sweat involved in exercising in Florida, it kinda makes sense that I would have so many. 

SHEFIT Sports Bra Review

One of the main reasons that I haven’t found “the one” yet is that I’m a cheapskate. Not really, but the idea of spending $65+ on a sports bra that I may or may not love is a bit hard to swallow. That is where Instagram ADs come in. Both my best friend and I kept seeing sponsored posts for SHEFIT sports bras popping up in our feeds. Her and I have VERY different situations going on in the boob department but we were both very interested. Thankfully when I reached out to them they were willing to work with me and next thing I knew I had a couple bras headed my way. Holy wow are these things awesome! 

Why are they so awesome you ask? Well, lets see what they have to say…

“Your Bra, Your Way. Easy as 1. 2. 3. Experience the luxury of our most indulgent bra yet. Powerful, buttery soft fabric feels like second-skin while delivering high impact control and moisture-wicking action. Molded, seam-free cups and sleek bonded finish for a streamlined appearance and flattering shape. Customized support with patented Zip. Cinch. Lift. technology lets you personalize your fit for all shapes and sizes, cups A – I. Move freely with flexible, elegant design. You’ll never want to take this bra off.”

SHEFIT Sports Bra Review

The SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra provides a customized fit using patented technology that allows you to customize your adjustability. To ensure the most accurate measurements, they recommend measuring your bust, around the fullest part and your rib cage, tightly under your bust, where your breast meets your rib cage. If you do not have access to measuring tape, they can also recommend a size based on traditional bra measurements.

Thankfully I have a tape measure, so I was able to get the recommended measurements. I paired those measurements with their handy dandy chart and was able to pick the “perfect” size bra. Perfect you say? We shall see.

SHEFIT Sports Bra Review

The bra has a bunch of really cool features that made me think that I may have found my sports bra soulmate.

  • Wireless, molded, seam-free cups, with power mesh Compression & Encapsulation Tech™ for a smooth appearance and flattering shape that supports each breast individually.
  • Soft 2″ wide bust band stabilizes the breast tissue movement with No Roll Shelf™ technology. More than 8” of customization for a unique, personalized fit that lays flat and stays put.
  • High performance, fully-encased zipper with magnetic locking head and top & bottom zipper covers for confidence and security. Two hidden hook & eye clasps for extra reinforcement and easy zipping.
  • 4-way stretch fabric for luxurious support and flexibility to move with you and keep you secure. Lightweight compression, moisture-wicking, high performance fabric keeps you cool and comfortable.Internal reinforced power mesh for maximum bounce reduction. Smooth, bonded trim lays flat and stays in place.
SHEFIT Sports Bra Review

That all sounds pretty great right? But how exactly does all this work you ask? Let me explain. There are three easy steps – Zip. Cinch. Lift.

SHEFIT Sports Bra Review
  1. ZIP. The first step is to to release the rib band, unzip/unhook the bra, and put it on like a like a t-shirt. And the zipper goes in the front ladies which is SUPER handy. Put your arms through the holes and over your head. Then you hook that baby together and zip it up. Have I still got ya? Well when I got to this point I was very skeptical. Things were NOT feeling comfy. But I was only on the first step.
  2. CINCH RIB BAND. The next step is pull the rib band to a secure position and scoops your girls up into the cups. After this step things were feeling MUCH better.
  3. LIFT SHOULDER STRAPS. Last you pull the straps away from where your neck meets your shoulders, so they don’t sit on your neck. And higher lift means better support. Don’t be afraid to cinch snugly and out of your comfort zone. This part is KEY. Hoisting those babies up makes ALL the different.

After I completed all the steps I was kinda in shock. Nothing was moving. I decided to give it a bit of an indoor test and started bouncing around my house. Nope, everything is still staying put. Wow. I have to say that I was really impressed. But I was still a little worried because things felt… constricted? I wish I could think of a better word because this makes it sound like you’ve got a snake holding your girls in place. After running in the bra I realized that this was a good thing. None of my other bras had been holding things the way they should have been, so that is why this felt so “odd” in the beginning. Its kind of like when you get fitted for your first pair of running shoes and they feel “weird” but its just because you finally have the right shoes.

So how did the first test run (ha ha ha, man I’m funny) go? Fabulously! I ran a 10k, took a short break, then ran a 5k. Everything stayed perfectly in place. There was no chafing, it didn’t dig in places it shouldn’t, and it wasn’t overly hot. It was a little bit warmer than my other sports bras but there is a lot more too this bra. It wasn’t a deal breaker by any means since ANY sports bra I’d wear to run outside in Florida would be hot.

SHEFIT Sports Bra Review

A couple more fun facts about these bras… breastfeeding moms can remove a strap for easing nursing, you can swim in your SHEFIT bra, and the pads are removable. And if you are super creative you can create a whole new bra by unzipping, unhooking, and rebuilding two bras into one. Neat huh? The bras even come in super cute laundry bags so you can keep them safe in the wash.

In the end I would give the SHEFIT bras a 10 out of 10! They are totally worth the money and I will definitely be adding more to my sports bra collection. I guess I will have to start getting rid of the not so great ones huh?

If you want to give these a try for yourself, use this link to save $10 on your first purchase. Saving money is always a good thing!

*Disclosure: As I mentioned above, I was provided two complimentary bras to try out and review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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