Runner’s World Summer Run Streak 2013

The Runner’s World Summer Run Streak is a program designed to help keep you on track with running as we get into the summer months. Most people don’t start training for their fall races for a couple more months, so when you couple that with the heat (that is all ready here in Florida) it is hard for some people to stay on track with their running. I have a 1/2 marathon in July so my training is currently in full swing. Unfortunately during the week I still have trouble keeping myself on track with my runs. That is where this comes in.

The goal is to run at least a mile everyday from Memorial Day (May 27th) to Independence day (July 4th). So that means between the two holidays you will run at LEAST 39 miles. Sounds like a good plan right? The idea is to post about it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you blog, etc to hold yourself (and others playing along accountable). So I’m gonna try it out!

I tried this one year between Thanksgiving and New Years. I’d do okay for a couple of weeks, then barely run at all for a couple of weeks. I’m hoping with having the gym membership and the ability to run inside where it isn’t 95+ degrees will help out. Plus, I can always squeeze in my mile run either before or after any classes that I might take.

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