Races #10 and #11 – Rock N Roll Savannah 5k and 1 miler

Day two of our Savannah race weekend started off great! We got to sleep at a reasonable time the night before and then were able to sleep in a little since the races for Sunday weren’t until the afternoon. AND it was the time change, so we got an hour extra of sleep! After we got our friend Amy on the road we headed into town to get our day started.

Races #10 and #11 - Rock N Roll Savannah 5k and 1 miler

Our first stops were Rise for some yummy donuts and The Coffee Fox (my favorite!) for a little “go juice.”  Both had kinda long lines but it was totally worth it. We saved our donuts for later, but the coffee was a great start to the day.

The Sunday races, a 5k and 1 miler, both start and end at the Savannah Bananas stadium. If you do two races in Savannah (1 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday) you get a fabulous remix medal, so we definitely had to do the 5k. BUT, if you run both races on Sunday you also got a pie! So of course we couldn’t pass up pie and signed up for both Sunday races.

Races #10 and #11 - Rock N Roll Savannah 5k and 1 miler

Both races go through some super cute, and shaded, Savannah neighborhoods. The courses are pretty flat and its a great way to round out the weekend. Our plan for the races was the same as our Saturday plan – take our time and enjoy ourselves. Both races finish inside the baseball stadium which is really neat. We finished the 5k in a reasonable time and spent the next 45 minutes picking up our Remix medals and enjoying a cold beer while switching out our bibs and timing chips for the 1 mile race.

Races #10 and #11 - Rock N Roll Savannah 5k and 1 miler

The 1 mile race follows part of 5k route and brings you right back into the baseball stadium for the finish. Both of race times were only slightly off from the year before, so I was pretty happy with that. After collecting our final medal of the weekend we headed to The Pie Society’s tent to pick up our pies! They make some tasty pies and they are always a nice treat to enjoy once I’m back home. My only complaint is that they always SAY its going to be a peach pie and both of the last two years they were apple. I have no clue if its just that they run out of peach before we finish, or if they just like tormenting me year after year. Regardless I still enjoy my pie!

Races #10 and #11 - Rock N Roll Savannah 5k and 1 miler

Participating in the Savannah races also meant that I would be receiving two more Rock n Roll medals. I’m looking forward to receiving the Double Beat medal for completing 2 Rock N Roll Half Marathons in one year and the 2017 World Rocker for completing two half marathons in two different countries. How cool is that?

*Disclosure: As a Rock N Blog ambassador I am provided free entry to Rock N Roll races. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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