DIY Edible Chocolate Peanut Butter Acorns

Back in September I hosted a forest animal themed baby shower for my bestie. It was fox focused, but we had some super cute forest themed goodies and decorations to go along with it. One of my favorite things we did was some edible acorns. These are super easy to make and would be a great tasty treat for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

You only need three ingredients for this project – mini nutter butter cookies, chocolate kisses, and mini chocolate chips.

DIY Edible Acorns

First you need to unwrap all of the chocolate kisses. I placed them all on a paper towel so that when I got to assembling them I could just grab them and go.

DIY Edible Acorns

Next, place all your mini nutter butter cookies on a cookie tray. These will need to go in the refrigerator or freezer for a bit, so make sure to use a heavy tray.

DIY Edible Acorns

To attach the chocolate kisses to the cookies, melt some of the mini chocolate chips in the microwave. Put a small amount on top of the cookies, then top with a chocolate kiss. I put them in the freezer for about 15-20 minute afterwards to make sure they were solid before moving to the next step.

The last step is to attach mini chocolate chips to the other side of the cookies. I used the left over melted chocolate and a toothpick for this part. You only need a tiny amount of chocolate for this step and using a toothpick helps keep you from making a mess.

DIY Edible Acorns

These edible acorns look great just piled up in a bowl or as an added decoration on a plate of cupcakes. You could even package them up as a party favor, or use them as a place card with a tag attached to them. The ideas are endless for this super easy, and tasty, treat!

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