Once Upon A Time

Yesterday was the first REAL test of not having cable. Of course the day they turn off the cable and I turn in the DVR is the day I start to get sick. Again. I slept until noon, which helped a lot, but then by 1 or 2 I was REALLY wishing that I could just turn on the Food Network and veg the afternoon away. I ended up watching a movie and then having dinner, but when I got home I just needed to zone out… but didn’t quite want to go to sleep. So I went ahead and signed up for Hulu Plus. As I was going through and adding all my favorite shows to my favorites list I came across Once Upon A Time. It is not a show that I watch, but my friend Robyn said it was definitely a “Meghan show.” So I added it to the list. I finally decided I would just crawl into bed, queue up an episode, and fall asleep. Oh no. After the first episode I was hooked. I ended up watching another before I just couldn’t keep my eyes upon and went to bed. Today I was overseeing an event for my job, so I had 8 hours to kill. Any ideas what I do? Oh yes, I watched the other 5 episodes in the current season. If it weren’t for the fact that I had nothing better to do and NEEDED something to while at work, I would have felt really guilty about watching 7 episodes in less that 24 hours. But I did what needed to be done!


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