Little Monkey Baby Shower

On Saturday I co-hosted a monkey themed baby shower for my cousin. My bestie designed the invites, along with a bunch of other matching printables, so I’d been busy the last few weeks crafting things for the big day. Plus I made a salad and two types of cupcakes. And now that the shower is over I can show you all the fun details!

For favors I did bags of tiny banana candies with thank you tags that matched the invites. It was kinda hard finding the candies in bulk. I finally was able to get them through a local store, Sassafras Sweet Shoppe, that was a BREEZE to work with. They order them in bulk and then repackage them in small amounts to sell. The owner was willing to order me a pound and set them aside. She was even super helpful when I hurt my back and couldn’t make it over to pick them up when I said I would. So if you live in the Orlando area and ever need odd or vintage type candies, definitely give them a call.

Each of the hostesses bought a couple of onesies for the mom-to-be and we hung them on a clothes line. This was the backdrop for where she opened gifts. Also, the tissue puffballs were from one of the other hostess’ bridal shower. They have been used for MANY parties and events since then. So if you are thinking about buying a kit to make these for a party definitely save them afterwards. She just stores them in a big garbage bag and refluffs them when they are needed again.

As I mentioned before, I was in charge of the cupcakes. I asked the mommy-to-be what kind of cupcakes she wanted and she said vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. So I made those and tinted the frosting pink, but also wanted to make another kind to go with them. So I made my homemade hostess cupcakes. I even tinted the filling and the swirls on top pink!

My bestie designed a whole slew of printables that matched the invites she designed. Here are the tittle cards to tell people what all the foods were. See my watermelon, tomato, cucumber salad there? At the end of the party all that was left in the bottom of the bowl was dressing 🙂 We also had matching napkin rings and wrappers for the water bottles.

All in all I think the shower turned out really well. The mommy-to-be had an excellent time and that is all that really matters. Personally, I was especially pleased that even with 4 girls working together to plan and execute the shower that there were no punches thrown by the end of the day. Come on, you know how girls can be?!

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