Another (kinda) short week

Tomorrow is my Friday. Kinda. I have to work on Saturday (BLAH!) and I can’t work over 40 hours, so I’m not working on Friday. It is kinda nice because it feels like a short week again, but I’m sure that nice feeling will all go down the drain on Saturday when I have to head to work instead of out to watch the Gator game with my friends. At least I have cable at work ūüôā But boy has it been a sucky kinda short week.

My lease is up on November 2nd and I am currently looking for a place to move to. Since I’ll be in Savannah November 2-4, my plan is to move mid-October. This way I can move and be semi-settled before I go on my trip. That would be a great plan if I could actually find a place to move to. Sigh. I need at least 2 bedrooms,¬†preferably¬†tile or wood floors, and a fenced yard for my dog. Everything I’m finding is either too expensive, or in a bad neighborhood, or doesn’t have a fenced yard, or has a fenced yard but they won’t take dogs. I am about to my wits end right about now. And of course not being able to find somewhere to live leads me to thinking about all sorts of other things… like how I tried to buy a house (twice) in the last year and couldn’t because a certain someone decided to stop paying the mortgage on our house. Or how I kinda thought that I’d be a little bit more settled in my life after 2.5 years of apartment living. Or how much it sucks being poor. And how I wish I could take a vacation – a REAL vacation, not a 3 day road trip for a race that I’m not even sure I’ll be able to run. Don’t even get me started on the lack of running!¬†It just hasn’t been a good week.

It is just so incredibly frustrating. Why oh WHY can’t people respond to you when they say they will? I just don’t understand why it is so difficult to potentially give people your money. You’d think it would be easy, but no. 2 emails and 2 voicemails over 2 days and you STILL can’t find a minute to respond to me? I thought all this technology we have now is supposed to make communication easier? I think all it really does is give you more ways ignore people.

So I’m trying to stay positive, but it hasn’t been very easy. My mom sent me home with some boxes this weekend since I really should start packing. I hate packing, but I went ahead and packed two boxes tonight. She said she would come over and help with that some, but there really isn’t any point until I know more about if/when I’m moving. But two boxes is a start at least.

At least I have the world’ cutest roommate right??

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