Labor Day Craftcation – Day 4

Day 4 of my Craftcation was exactly what the last day of a long weekend should be – nice and relaxing!

After a bowl of cereal I went out to run a couple of errands. I stopped by Walmart (had to pick up my pictures to be COMPLETELY caught up with Project Life), Goodwill (got a 99 cent frame to repaint), and Big Lots (treats for me and the pup). When I got home I just couldn’t get myself motivated so I put on a chick flick and hoped that would get me going. It did! I broke out the glitter, glue, and some pumpkins I got on clearance for 80% off last year and got to work.


Glittering small pumpkins is a bit harder than one might think. And pretty messy. In my head the pumpkins I bought were much larger (oops). I really think I need to pick up some bigger pumpkins to add some glitter to. I mean you can never have too many glittered pumpkins!


I had so much fun glittering the tiny pumpkins that I went in search of something else to add glitter to. I found a wooden frame that I had painted with black chalkboard paint ages ago and decided it need a splash of bright purple glitter. I plan to add in some random Halloween odds and ends I have laying around and then I’ll have a super cute Halloween frame.


After turning on chick flick #2 (thank goodness for my 1 month free trial of Netflix Streaming) I grabbed the pictures I picked up this morning and finished Week 35 of Project Life. I am 100% completely caught up! How cool is that?


I ended my craftcation with pizza and beer. I went up to Publix to pick up a frozen pizza and they had my most favorite beer (which I’ve been having a hard time finding – its seasonal) AND it was on sale. It was nice relaxing with chick flick #3, crappy pizza, and super tasty beer. It was the perfect way to end my Craftcation and my long weekend.


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