FitFluential March DietBet

Thanks to Meghan (yup, ANOTHER Meghan blogger) over at Little Girl in the Big World, my friends and I have decided to participate in the FitFluential March DietBet. What is a DietBet you ask? Well, as Meghan so nicely put it:

“The whole concept is that you buy into the bet with a certain amount of money, you take a weigh in picture with a code word that is verified on the first day of the bet to prove that it’s you, and then your money goes into the pot. When the game is over, you take another picture of you and the scale, and if you’ve lost 4% of your body weight, then you win part of the pool. Only the people who actually hit their 4% split the pool, so you end up earning money!”

FitFluential March DietBet




Sounds like good motivation to me! I’ve been holding steady at around 6 pounds above my goal/lowest weight for about 2 months now. I REALLY want to get rid of those last 6 pounds. And wouldn’t ya know, 4% for me is 6 pounds! Score!

I’ve always been one of those people that is better at sticking to something when I have someone, or something, to hold me accountable. Now I have the Diet Bet AND my friends to do so. With the 1/2 Marathon coming up in July I’ve started my training probably with Team Challenge so I will be getting back into my running. And if I get back to watching what I eat a little bit better I think I can totally pull this off.

Once I do my weigh in pictures on Sunday or Monday I will post them here as well. I’m not going to hide behind my computer screen on this one. It is going to be all out there. I will probably post pictures and such on Instagram as well. Nothing like pics of your jiggly booty on the internet to keep yourself motivated!

Anyone want to play along? You can join our game at

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