Eating better in 2015

Since I’m finally getting things back on track with my running, I realized that I needed to do the same thing with my eating habits. I haven’t always been the healthiest eater in the world, but I’ve always done a pretty good job of keeping a healthy (ha ha) balance.

Well over the last 6 weeks or so that all went to sh*t. I could blame it on the holidays, or being sick, or traveling, but the truth is I was just being lazy. I was just going for what was quick and easy instead of taking a little bit more time to eat something healthy. I wasn’t making as many trips to the grocery store and there were so many times that I’d open the fridge and truly find nothing to eat. How awful is that?

Eating better in 2015

So last weekend I finally made a trip to the store to stock up on healthy eats. I want to get back to eating more salads and taking advantage of the stockpile of fish from Sizzlefish that I currently have in my freezer.

Cooking with Sizzlefish

I am also making an effort to start each morning with a cup of hot tea. I have a stash of Skin-Smart teas from Tea Forte that are amazing. In addition to tasting great they are always good for your skin. Between having weird skin to begin with and the weird weather we’ve been having here in Florida, I need all the help I can get.

Eating better in 2015


My plan is to have big salads with chicken a couple nights a week and then fish a couple of the other nights. I also need to make sure to keep the unhealthy snacks at home and not in my office. If I have them at work I WILL eat them. Baby carrots instead of M&Ms. Kind bars instead of cookies.


What do you do to make sure that you can eat healthy?

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  1. Jenn says:

    Yummy fish!

    We stick to fish, chicken and turkey, a lot. I do try to go for fresh produce, but little man is a bit more particular in this regard so we do a lot of repeating (kid loves celery and lima beans and romaine lettuce, but won’t touch carrots or corn)

    I try to mix things up and cook a lot from scratch. We are getting into baseball season which means I have to get creative since he gets home from school and we have to jump right in the car to head to the fields. I’m thinking more crockpot meals (but not the ones with the cream of soups) so we can pack dinner to go on those nights.

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