Craft Cave Creativity – Part 2

I have a fairly large collection of pins that I’ve collected on my travels. Originally after my husband left I thought that I would put away all the pins, since most of them were from places we went together, and start over. I didn’t really want them out for people to ask about. But then I realized that when I got the pins I was in a happy place and enjoyed the adventures we went on. I’m not going to stop talking about my trip to San Diego just because I went there with him. San Diego was AWESOME and I loved it. So I decided to continue displaying all my pins and just add to the collection.

This is what my pin board originally looked like. Its a painters canvas. It’s perfect for the pins because I can stick them right through the canvas. My first apartment was very bright, which is why the board looks the way it does. *shudder* I can’t believe I left it that way for so long.

I decided to make my new pin board match my new orange/black/white color scheme in the craft cave.

When I sat down to put the pins back on the board I was a little stumped. I had a few new pins to add and I wanted to make sure that I left room for any new pins that I want to add. I don’t want to turn around in a couple of months and have to rearrange them all again. But how do I figure out how to put them on the board without having to move things around every 5 minutes. AH HA! I had a light bulb moment. I used paper to make a template of the black space on the pin board that I wanted to fill with pins. Then I was able to lay out all the pins and figure out where I wanted things before I put them on the board. Pretty good idea huh?

It worked out great! Now I just need to figure out where to hang it in the craft cave.

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