Birthday on a Budget

My lack of a job is of course impact every aspect of my life, including birthday gifts. I am a birthday person – I love birthdays. Mine and those of others. To me its a day to celebrate regardless of your age because you made it another year! To me, that is cause to party!

So I wanted to do something nice for a friend without going overboard. I decided that since a few of us were going away in a couple weeks for a long weekend at the beach I would make him a basket-o-beach-fun. My goal was to keep the cost of everything under $20. So how did I do? All the items, except for 3, were $1 or less (thank you Target $1 spot).

List of Items and Costs:

  • 2 packs of kool-aid – $0.36
  • Crazy green 80s glasses – $1
  • Beach bucket – $1
  • 4 tiki shot glasses – $1
  • 2 beach shovels – $1
  • Hot Tamale Cotton Candy – $1
  • Beach Ball – $1
  • 2 water bomb torpedos – $1
  • Water gun – $1
  • Ice Pop Mold – $1
  • Pin Wheel – $1
  • Catch game – $2.50
  • 2 small bottles of tequila – $6
Total Number of Items = 20
Total Cost of Items = $18.86

I’m very happy with how it all turned out and I think the birthday boy liked it. Only problem I had was that I should have gotten a bigger bucket. I ran out of room and had to stick a couple things in a birthday gift bag.
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