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When I heard about the Best Damn Race in Safety Harbor, FL I was intrigued. Best Damn Race you say? It caught my attention mostly because I had just been at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa this summer for my birthday. When I checked out their website and realized that registration started at just $1, I was really intrigued. The deal was that after so many people registered the price would go up. Whatever number you were when you registered would determine the price you paid. 1 – 19 was $1, 20 – 29 was $2, 30 – 39 was $3, all the way up to a max of $30 for the 5k (or $35 for the 10k and $65 for the 1/2 marathon).

I talked to my bestie about it and we decided it would be the perfect excuse for another girls weekend at the resort. Go to the expo on Friday, stay the night at the resort, I would run the 10k race the next morning, then we would spend the afternoon getting pampered at the spa.

So when registration opened at 10 am on August 31st I was sitting at my computer ready to get things going. After a bit of an issue with the company doing the registration, my bestie was actually the one to get me registered. I ended up only paying $8 for my 10k registration. Woo hoo! Unfortunately right around the time I registered for the race was when I injured my back. I almost didn’t register for the race, but I decided that I would use the race as motivation to get myself back on track with running. Seeing that I survived the Santa Hustle 5k on Sunday, I think I should be good today.

So why am I telling you about all this? WELL, if you register for the Best Damn Race (the 5k, 10k or 1/2 marathon) and enter the code MROTH5 you will get $5 off your registration! There is still a little bit of time left before the next price increase, so register soon if you are interested.


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