And then there was none

I broke up with the boy last night. It just wasn’t working for me. It just didn’t feel right. He was a really nice guys and I enjoyed the time we had together. He just wasn’t the right guy for me. So yeah, back the old drawing board for me.

I have said it many times before and I will say it again… Dating sucks!

Many people SAY that they miss it once they are married or in a committed relationship, but if they actually had to get back into the game they would probably be sorry. Especially if they were getting back into the game a good 10 years after they got out of it. I’m still not even sure how this works. Dating is just weird.

For example, a friend of mine texted me over the weekend asking me if instead of a guy asking you for your number does he just send you a friend request on Facebook instead these days. *shrug* I sure as heck don’t know. I haven’t been in a situation in the last, oh… 12 years, that a guy would even ask for my number. Let alone send me a random friend request on Facebook. Is that how things work now? Instead of actually talking to someone and asking them for their number we just use our smart phone, probably while sitting right next to said person, to send them a friend request on Facebook? It is probably a lot easier than asking for their number, but not necessarily the best way to go about things either. Technology has definitely added to the weirdness that is dating.

On a positive note this breakup doesn’t have me super upset or depressed. Yes I understand that I’m not getting any younger and that if I want to get married and have kids before I’m 40 that I need to get a move on, but I’m just not willing to ignore my gut instinct. I felt like this relationship wasn’t right for me and I’m sure in a few months I will be very happy that I made this decision. Oh, and it means that I can wear my “Love Bites” t-shirt on Valentine’s Day if I want to now 🙂

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