6 Goals in 6 Weeks – Week 5 #6in6

How am I 5 weeks into this already? I’ve only got 1 week left! So how did my fifth week of 6 goals in 6 weeks go? Did I do any better? Well… why I thought to plan this over my birthday I will never know!

1. Less soda – I’m still sticking with 48 oz or less during the week and even less on the weekend which is great. I thought I was going to go over at the beginning of the week (do to severe sleepiness), but I kept it under 48 oz.

2. Exercise/Run at least 3 times per week – I ran twice this week. I had every intention of busting our day #3 but then I fell on Saturday while roller skating and that kinda killed that. Hopefully I will start feeling better soon so that week #6 isn’t a bust.

3. Lose 6 pounds -Even Steven! I haven’t lost any and I haven’t gained any. I guess that is better than nothing!

4. Go to yoga once a week – I went to yoga this week and my friend joined me again! I was sore from our adventures in Miami last weekend so my body REALLY needed the yoga.

5. Only eat out twice a week – It was my birthday week so I ate out 3 times, but that is still pretty good right?

6. Drink at least 72 oz of water a day – I drank at least 100 oz of water everyday again this week.

I probably shouldn’t have planned my 6 goals in 6 weeks over my birthday, but life just gets in the way sometimes right? Hopefully this last week won’t go too horribly. I’m already starting to feel a little better since my fall, so we shall see.

Bring on week #6!!

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