6 goals in 6 weeks – Week 2 #6in6

6 goals in 6 weeks #6in6

So how did week 2? Better, kinda sorta.

1. Read 6 books – I finished the first one and started a 2nd one, so I’m still on track to make 6 books in 6 weeks happen.

2. Complete 6 week 1/2 marathon training plan – I wasn’t able to make up the lost run from last week, and I didn’t get all my runs done this week either. I’m totally frustrated with myself at the moment. I’m not even sure where to start. But today is another day and we’ll see how this week goes.

3. Only eat out twice a week – Only ate out three times! Lol. Getting a little better. At least one of those meals was an incredible one from Eddie V’s (more on that soon).


4. Lose 6 pounds – still down those 3 pounds from last week, so I’m halfway there.

5. Only consume dairy once a week – The only diary I had was some killer truffled mac n cheese at Eddie V’s on Wednesday. Holy heck that stuff was good!

6. Call my grandma every week – I called my Grandma on Thursday to tell her about my new car. She seemed to be in good spirits which made me happy 🙂

Not too shabby! Hopefully this week will be even better on all fronts.

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