2 races in 2 weeks

Back in August I signed up for the Best Damn Race 10k in Safety Harbor. The race has turned into a full on girlie weekend. We are staying at the fabulous Safety Harbor Resort & Spa (the start line is right outside the front door) and treating ourselves to a spa day after the race. I mean how could you not enjoy this place?

But this past week I realized that the race was just over 2 weeks away. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!? Last time I checked I had plenty of time to prepare for this race. Yes I have run more than a 10k on 3 separate occasions, but this is the first “long” distance race I’ve done since my back injury. *enter panic mode now*

Since I need to reassure myself that I won’t drop dead at mile 4, I signed up for the Seasons 52 5.2k race here in Orlando… THIS Saturday. It is the first race I ever did and I’ve done it every year since then. I’m sure I can finish without an issue but I just need that reassurance that I can do this. And the super cool thing is that the boy wants to go with me. I’ve never really had any cheerleaders at a race I’ve done, so I’m really excited about it. I’ll have people cheering me on at two races in a row!

So now I’m a little bit calmer about the 10k race and excited about having cheerleaders for both! What a way to start off 2013 🙂


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