Labor Day Craftcation – Day 2

I started day 2 of my Craftcation catching up on Project Life. The last couple weeks haven’t been that busy, so I didn’t have as much to add to Project Life. I decided for the last 2 weeks to just do 1 page each instead of the two I normally do. Boy oh boy did that make things easier. Project Life isn’t supposed to be stressful and cutting back to 1 page for those 2 weeks took out the stress. And it feels nice to be caught up 🙂


The middle of my day involved a trip to a friends house to watch the first Gator football game of the season. It was nice hanging out with him and chatting while we watched the game. And it is always good when the Gators have a win. 24-6 isn’t too shabby of a way to start the season… even if it was against Toledo.


When I got home I decided to paint a couple thrift store items that have been hanging out in my craft room for ages now. So I headed outside with a frame, a weird wood trivet, and a can of black spray paint.


I gave each of the items and nice coat of black paint and then went inside to work on Project Life some more. I was sitting there when off of the sudden I was like “What is that noise?” Only to realize seconds later that the noise I heard was rain. HOLY CRAP! I ran outside and pulled the items out of the rain. The boxes I had painted them on were all wet so I had to leave them outside. The were under the overhang but when I went out later they were even more wet. Sigh. I left them out overnight and I’ll try to fix them today.

I ended my night with dinner and a movie with friends. It was nice to spend some time with them and get out of the house. Unfortunately the movie wasn’t as good as we had hoped, but we still had a good time.


So what is on tap for today? Trying to fixed my rained on paint job from yesterday and maybe some glittered pumpkins!

PS – Today is my 400th blog post!!

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