Labor Day Craftcation – Day 1

My Labor Day Craftcation got off to a great start!

After I left work I went and got a pedicure. I had been putting it off because my feet were looking so bad from the 1/2 marathon last month, but I finally gave in and went. One of my favorite things about the place I go is that they serve wine. It was so nice to start the long weekend being pampered and enjoying a glass of wine.


When I got home I decided to start off with a few sewing projects. A couple of weeks ago I got a cute flowered dress at Ross for CHEAP. I loved the dress except for one thing – this stupid piece of fabric that connected the straps in the back. The dress fit perfectly except for that. The piece of fabric did not lay flat. It drove me nuts! So I bought the dress anyway with the plan of removing the piece of fabric.


I took out my sewing supplies and got to work. I assumed that the piece of fabric would be sewn into the two straps, but I was wrong. The piece was sewn ON to them – which made this process much easier. Armed with my trusty seam ripper it only took me about 15 minutes to remove it. Sweet!


My next project was an awesome orange Nine West dress that I got at Goodwill (of course for cheap) AGES ago. The dress had two straps that were meant to tie around the neck. But when I tied it around my neck it just didn’t look right. But when I pulled the straps down my back (like regular straps) it looked great. On one of my past trips to my mom’s I had her pin the straps in the right place for me so that I could take it home and alter it. So I  broke out my wonderful sewing machine, threw on some orange thread, and got to work.


Thankfully this too was a pretty easy project! About 10 minutes later I had a beautiful orange dress with straps in the right place. I love that armed with the right tools and about 30 minutes I was able to take two dresses from “eh” to “woo hoo!”


As I was thinking about what project #3 would be I got a text asking me to meet some friends at World of Beer. I hadn’t seen them for while so I changed my clothes and met up with them. It was perfect way to end my first day of Craftcation.


On to day 2!

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