Too Hot to Run Outside? 5 Indoor Training Options

One of the downsides of picking summer for my running comeback tour was the insanely hot temperatures that came along with it. Even after 39 years of living here in Florida the high temps still get to me. Thankfully I have a gym membership that gives me an air conditioned option for those killer days. But sometimes you just want another option, so today I’m sharing some indoor training options.

Too Hot to Run Outside? 5 Indoor Training Options


Too Hot to Run Outside - Indoor Training Options
Yoga is a great cross training option for many reasons, one of the main ones being that you can do it inside. Whether its home in front of you tv or at a studio, its a great option for your mind and body. Some running stores even offer yoga for runners classes that focus on the muscles runners use most. Regardless of where you do yoga, it is always a good option.

Deck of Cards

Too Hot to Run Outside - Indoor Training Options
My sole sister Jenn introduced me to this great cross training option that only requires a deck of cards. You just shuffle a deck and flip the cards over one at a time. Do the exercise for each suit times the number that appears on the card. Jack = 11, Queen =12, King = 13 and Ace= 14.

Warm-Up – quick jog around the block, 40 jumping jacks/20 squats or similar

JOKER – 5 burpees
HEART – bicep curls with dumbbells
DIAMOND – goblet squat (elbows to knees/thihgs)
CLUB – russian twists
SPADE – push ups

Cool Down – brisk walk

Doing this for just 30 minutes gives you one heck of a workout. The first time I did it I thought I was going to pass out about halfway through, but it got easier. At least once a week I just grab my yoga back and a deck of cards and get started.

Group Exercise Classes

Too Hot to Run Outside? 5 Indoor Training Options
If you happen to have a gym member, take advantage of their A/C and their group exercise classes. You can try out something new while giving your body a break from the heat. My favorite class for switching things up is Pilates. Its a little more intense than yoga, but not too crazy – its just the right balance.

Online Stream Workout Videos

Too Hot to Run Outside? 5 Indoor Training Options
A growing segment of reputable companies offer workout video streaming services accessible on your television, personal computer, or smart device. Many of these videos are made by prominent fitness and exercise experts. There are plenty of options for pay by the month services, but you can find some great free options on YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu as well. I suggest trying out those options to figure out what you like before signing up for a monthly service. You have the option to test drive classes for free, so why not?


Too Hot to Run Outside - Indoor Training Options
It’s way easier on your body than exercises like running (the water provides both support and resistance), it tones pretty much every muscle and it’s a great option for people of all skill levels. And the great thing is even if you don’t have access to a gym with a pool, you can always use an outdoor pool. The water is always going to be cooler than the air! Please it is something you can do while traveling or on vacation.

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