Thrifty Thursday: My Thrift Store Dining Set

When I moved into my new place last fall I knew that I would need a new dining set. I sold my old one (that I’d had for 11 years) before I moved and was on the look out for something new. And round.

The day I showed my mom the place she wanted to drive around and see the neighborhood. While we were driving around we saw a round wood table sitting outside another house that was being worked on. She talked me into going to see if they were getting rid of it. They were and said I could have it. Score! After a bit of lifting and a couple scratches to the back end of my car, we got the table back to the house.

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Now we had a table but no chairs. The plane was to redo/refinish the table, so we could get any sort of wood chairs to go along with them since they would be redone as well. On another mom & Meg outing we found a set of two matching white chairs at a thrift store for $10 each. Then a couple week later my mom found another set of matching chairs for $10 for the pair. So for $30 I got a table and 4 chairs. The only thing left was to redo them all.

Painted Thrift Store Table Redo - Find out more at

One weekend after I moved into my house my mom and I sanded the table. Then over the next few weeks I repainted it. The table was too big and too heavy to move in and out of the house on my own, so I put a tarp under it and painted it in the house. I painted the top a shiny white and the base the same aqua that I painted my kitchen.

The two white chairs stayed white and I just repainted the seats the same aqua color. The two chairs my mom found needed a complete overhaul. I removed the seats, sanded the chairs, and painted them a shiny white. The seats were fabric and needed new fabric and new foam. It took awhile to find the fabric I wanted, but once I did I got to work.

I have never seen so many rusty staples in my whole life! After getting all the staples out it didn’t take long to replace the foam and recover the seats.

Thrift Store Chair Redo - Find out more at

Once I was done with everything I was head over heels in love with my dining set. It took a lot of work, but it turned out just the way I wanted it.

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