Thrifty Thursday – a new use for suitcases

My mom hasn’t always been a thrift store shopper like me, but she has always liked to hit up garage sales on the weekends. And boy has she come across some great finds. One of my favorite is a set of vintage suitcases. They were totally beat up on the outside, but perfect on the inside and really sturdy. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of them from their previous life, but believe me when I tell you they were a mess.

She decided to stack them up in the corner of her bedroom, so they were originally painted to match her room. It is amazing what a can of spray paint can do to a set of suitcases! This past year she redid her bedroom and the suitcases didn’t match anymore. So she painted them all white and then painted the edges of the suitcases different colors to make them stand out. Super cute right?

Thrifty Thursday - a new use for suitcases

**Helpful hint from momma: Make sure to prime the suitcases before painting them. Since these are meant to be moved around and used a lot you want to make sure the paint isn’t going to crack and chip.

Well you are probably asking yourself “Why does Meghan’s momma keep a stack of pretty large suitcases in the corner of her bedroom? Couldn’t that space be used for something more… useful?” Well my friends, these suitcases aren’t just sitting there looking pretty. They are actually being used as storage. Storage for what you ask? Wrapping supplies!

Thrifty Thursday - a new use for suitcases

Each suitcase holds something different. The largest suitcase holds ribbons and bows, the middle suitcase holds Christmas bags and boxes, and the top one holds everyday bags and boxes. She uses the pockets and compartments in each suitcase to keep things organized and keep the smaller things from getting lost.

Thrifty Thursday - a new use for suitcases

Its great because you can just grab whichever suitcase you need and find exactly what you need. No digging through huge under the bed boxes trying to find a birthday bag. No digging through the closet looking for a box that might fit your gift. Its pretty genius if you ask me!


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