Thrifty Thursday

Today I decided to hit up Goodwill on the way home. For whatever reason I was avoiding going home (maybe its because I knew ahead of time I was gonna have a panic attack), so I decided to make a quick stop. I’m really glad I did because I found three things that only cost me a total of $3.62!

I have been looking for colored slips to go under the vintage dress I wore for my best friend’s wedding since I bought it over a year ago. I finally found a red slip today that will work perfectly. I will have to shorten it, but that is no big deal. AND it had the right color tag so it was half off.

I also found a really cute retro jar today  (for only 99 cents) that I will be using for a candy jar at work. I found one awhile back at Goodwill, but while I was standing in line to pay for it I dropped it and broke it. I guess it worked out because I like this one a LOT more than the first one I found.

The last thing I got was a book. I probably wouldn’t have picked it up but it was brand new (in with the stuff they get from Target) and only 99 cents. I can ALWAYS use another book.

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