The Blogger Meetup Orlando – Meet & Sweet

Last month The Blogger Meetup hosted their first event here in Orlando – Meet & Sweet. The event was hosted at Ember and included treats from some of the best purveyors of sweets that Orlando has to offer. As soon as we heard about the sugar infested blogger meetup, Karen, Andrea, and I knew that had to attend.

The Blogger Meetup Orlando - Meet & Sweet

The night was full of networking, laughs, and entirely too much sugar! I am a lover of sweets but I have to admit that by the end of the evening I had hit my limit of sweets.

The Blogger Meetup Orlando - Meet & Sweet Wondermade

I loved being able to enjoy sweets from some of my favorite places and from some new favorites. I started off the night with some freshly toasted (like right there in front of you with a little kitchen torch) marshmallows from Wondermade. They are a wonderful little hometown company that makes the most AMAZING flavors of marshmallows.

The Blogger Meetup Orlando - Meet & Sweet J and G Chocolate and Tead

Next up was truffles from J and G Chocolate and Tea. I first sampled their amazing chocolates at a Yelp event last year and was excited to see what they had up their sleeves. A couple days before the event they asked for suggestions from bloggers of what they wanted to see from them at the event. I immediately responded with “Key Lime Chocolates!” So imagine my surprise when I walked up to them and there were Key Lime Chocolates. There was even a little “Suggested by @meghanonthemove” sign in front of them. Of course I HAD to try one and they were amazing!

The Blogger Meetup Orlando - Meet & Sweet Buttermilk Bakery

Our next stop was the wonderful Buttermilk Bakery. They are only at local markets, but it is totally worth your while to track them down. They had three AMAZING treats for us to try out – slow roasted strawberry pop tarts, lemon matcha croissants, and brownie dulce de leche tarts. I had decided to try the lemon matcha croissant because, well, it was weird looking. If I’m going to try something new I should try the most interesting thing right? Well I am glad I did because it was amazing!

The Blogger Meetup Orlando - Meet & Sweet Krispy Kreme

After a quick stop by the Krispy Kreme so that Karen and Andrea could dip their own donuts, we headed straight to The Soda Fountain. They have some super inventive ice cream flavors and we were all interested in trying them out. Andrea and I went for the Nutella ice cream while Karen had the Strawberry Basil sorbet. Both were amazing and had us all wanting to plan a trip to their shop for a full sized version.

The Blogger Meetup Orlando - Meet & Sweet Sugarbuzz Dezert

Next on the agenda for Sugarbuzz Dezert Company. Holy hell did they have some amazing treats! When they told me about what they had available (three types of chocolate dipped cheesecake and two types of cookies) I immediately said “I’ll take one of each!” I was (mostly) joking so imagine my surprise when next thing I knew I had all five things sitting in front of me. I was in chocolately heaven! The winner of the evening was the chocolate dipped turtle cheesecake. Oh. Em. Gee. The cheesecake was SO light and creamy, the caramel was AMAZING, and the fact that it was dipped in chocolate just put it over the top. I’m really glad these guys aren’t too close by because I could see myself getting into a LOT of trouble there.

The Blogger Meetup Orlando - Meet & Sweet Skycandy

Our next stop was Sky Candy – gourmet cotton candy served up by the cutest flight attendant-esqe hostesses called Spinnerettes. Sky Candy is made with 100% organic cane sugar and natural flavors. You aren’t going to find any pink and blue cotton candy with these ladies. Their flavor combinations are a little bit fancy and a whole lot of fun. I tried the coconut lime cotton candy. Yes, you read that right – coconut lime cotton candy. It was topped with toasted coconut and freshly grated lime zest. I loved it and I’m pretty sure I spent the rest of the night walking around with cotton candy stuck in my hair.

The Blogger Meetup Orlando - Meet & Sweet Peak Season Pops

The last stop of the evening was Peak Season Pops. I already knew about Peak Season Pops from when I worked at the Maitland Farmers Market (they are a vendor there) but didn’t know about their newest creation, Poptails. Poptails are your favorite cocktails turned into a frozen treat! They were serving up Mojito and Pina Colada poptails that were just the best. Refreshing, tasty, and the little bit of rum in them didn’t hurt either.

After spending some time chatting with blogger friends (old and new) I finally had to call it a night. The sugar was catching up with me and I knew if I didn’t stop soon I was going to be awake for days. It was a fun night and I’m glad I had the opportunity to check out some of Orlando’s best sweet vendors.

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  1. Char says:

    That sounds like so much fun…and I totally am on a sugar high from just reading about your experience!! I would dive into that cotton candy for sure. What a great idea with the different flavor options. So cool!

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