Craft, craft, and then craft some more

For most of my adult life crafts have been a sort of therapy for me. When I was down in the dumps or just in a funk I’d craft. I scrapbook, make cards, sew, paint, and bake. You name it, I’ve tried it.  I’d been lucky enough to have my own “craft room” since 2005 and I was VERY lucky to find a 2 bedroom apartment I could actually afford when I moved. My new craft room is lovingly called “The Craft Lair” by myself and a few others. My happy place. Unfortunately since about August of last year I had no mojo. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t be crafty. Scrapbooking was out because I only had pictures of “us” around to scrap. And since I was unemployed and miserable I wasn’t exactly going out and making tons of new memories. Making cards was something I only did because I had to. Baking was out because who was I going to bake for? And I wasn’t eating either. Thankfully once I moved into my own place things started to change. I wasn’t feeling 100% like my crafty self again, but I was getting there. I at least had the motivation to sit down every couple of weeks and do some sort of a crafty project.

Recently things have gotten a lot better. I’m the MOH (maid of honor) in one of my best friend’s weddings next May, so we are constantly talking about wedding and/or craft things. Having her to talk to on a daily basis helps a lot. She constantly challenges my crafty brain. VERY helpful. Also, I’m hosting a baby shower this weekend… oh yeah, just 3 days away. And since I am throwing a shower that is a) co-ed, b) for a mom that is NOT a girlie girl, and c) the parents are covered in tattoos, I couldn’t just walk into any party store and find what I needed. So for the last month I’ve been crafting up a storm. It looks like a BOMB went off in my craft room. I’m a very organized person except for when I’m working on a project. There is no reason to clean up when you are just going to continue making a mess. Plus it’s more fun when things are messy. Plus I can just leave the room a mess and close the door. Thank God for doors 🙂

Even though I am no where near done with things for the shower and I’m going to be running around like a crazy person over the next few days, I’m going to be sad when the shower is over. No more planning, no more chaos in the craft lair, no more pink centered projects. Someone else needs to hurry up and get knocked up so I can continue my crafty quest. Thankfully, I do have lots and lots of wedding related projects to work on between now and May. Just gotta switch out the pink supplies for purple ones.

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