Single on Valentine’s Day? That Means its All About YOU!

I know everyone has their own option about Valentine’s Day, but personally I see it as just an extra day to celebrate those you love. Your friends, your family, your pets, or yourself. What’s wrong with a little bit of spoiling? Nothing! You don’t need to have a husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend/significant other in order to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

This year I’m planning to do a Meghans Night Out on Valentine’s Day. I’m going to put my shiny new Epcot After 4 annual pass to use and treat myself to a stroll around the world. I even got fast passes for two rides that I haven’t been on yet. I’m going to rock my “Tacos are my Valentine” shirt and a silly heart headband all while enjoy a night out alone. Sounds kinda fabulous right?

Single on Valentine's Day? That Means its All About YOU!

Well if you can’t make it our on Valentine’s Day to do something fun or just don’t want to deal with all the other lovebirds out there, plan a night in. And you know who’s got you covered? Lucky’s Market! I saw in their sales ad, that runs Thursday to Thursday, that they have a lot of Valentine’s items on sale this week. I didn’t think much of it until I was walking down the wine aisle and saw the most hysterical sign.

Single on Valentine's Day? That Means its All About YOU!

They have got it right! Valentine’s Day when you are single means you don’t have to share your wine, your flowers, or your sweet treats. And Lucky’s Market has some great deals to make your night in a bit more fun and economical. Deals on flowers, wine, chocolate covered strawberries, and their bulk chocolate. Just think of the fun you could have!

Single on Valentine's Day? That Means its All About YOU!

These sale prices run through Valentine’s day, so you can even procrastinate and just swing by on your way home from work. My plan is to swing by tonight after work to pick up some $10 roses, a 6 pack of made in-house chocolate dipped strawberries for $4.99, and a bottle of bubbly. That way when I get home on Valentine’s night it will all be waiting for me. My own little celebration of Meghan.

Single on Valentine's Day? That Means its All About YOU!

So if you are going to have your own celebration of yourself this Valentine’s Day, head to your local Lucky’s Market and stock up on some treats for yourself. Don’t have a Lucky’s Market? I’m so sorry to hear that, but it doesn’t mean that YOUR local grocer isn’t having just as awesome of a sale. Go check the ads!

And no, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just love Lucky’s Market and wanted to share their great deals with you 🙂 I share because I care.

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