Post 5k Thoughts

I wanted to put a couple thoughts down before I pass out (oh yes, I think it’s time for a nap).

– We finished in under an hour. Pretty much our goal was to a) finish and b) finish in less than an hour. We all stuck together, so we could finish together. It was a great way to do my first 5 k.

– I didn’t trip, or fall, or hurt myself in any way. I’m quite impressed 🙂

– Finishing this 5k made me feel GREAT! I’m really looking forward to the next one that is just 2 short weeks away.

– It was so neat to have done a 5k and had break fast with friends all before 10:30 in the morning. But no, I won’t start getting up at 5:45 am every Saturday. That would just be wrong.

– My OLW for 2011 is Move and I think I’ve done my fair share of moving this week!

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